A perfect choice for a hygienic healthy life
3 layer water tank
Arpico's Plastishells Standard Tank was the first to be introduced to the market-thus becoming a new standard!
16 years of trusted excellence with over 1.5 million customers, makes it a preferred choice.
Inner Layer - 100% food grade material preserves the purity of the water. The unque blue layer will enable the user to see the clarity of the water.
Middle Layer - Thermally insulated to minimize water heating.
Outer Layer - UV Stabilized material protects the tank from UV rays thus extending the lifetime of the tanks.
A super solution to ensure 24 hours water supply through the special Arpico Sump Tank.
Produced using 100% food grade raw material.
Reinforced with 16 ridges for added structural strength.
Scientifically Designed
A healthy choice for a hygienic life
A new revolution in water tanks, Aqua+ water tank from Arpico Plastishells is technologically advanced and made to international standards using 100% food graded raw material.
Smaller in Diameter - Less Space
Aqua+ tanks require less space, therefore helps you save on the cost of slab construction and installation.
Greater in Height - Maximum Water Pressure
Because of the unique height of the Aqua+ tank you are guaranteed maximum water pressure.
Outer Ridges - Greater Strength
the three outer ridges give more strength, stability & endurance to the Aqua+ tank.
Unpleasant experiences with your septic effluents is now a thing of the past with Arpico Septic Tanks.
Manufactured from sturdy, long-lasting plastic. Resistant to tree roots and other such external pressures. No maintainance required after installation. easy, less expensive installation. Contains two specialized inner walls with three chambers for efficient effluent Filtering.
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